GreenHammer services a wide range of properties. Everything from single family homes, rental properties, duplexes, business/medical offices, and major commercial properties. We have the tools and experience to take care of your landscape maintenance needs, affordably.



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Weekly Landscape Maintenance

                                           Lawn Service:                                  Lawn & Landscape                 

                                                     * Professional lawn cut
                                 * Basic service pkg. plus
                                                     * String Trimming                                          * Pruning
                                                     * Edging                                                          * Hedge trimming
                                                     * Blow down hardscapes                              * Bed maintenance
                                                                                                                             * Weeding
                                                                                                                             * Fall leaf clean -up
                                                                                                                             * Standard fertilizing program


                *Monthly invoice billing          * Senior discounts      * Referral  program       *Prompt payment program.....

Lawn & Landscape                        Property                                  Lawn Repair

*Professional lawn cut                                   *Pressure washing                            *Aeration    

*Bed Maintenance                                                        *Gutter Cleaning                                                *Dethatching  

*Pruning                                                                            *Blackberry removal                                      *Overseeding

*Hedge Trimming                                                       *Ground Cover                                                     *Weed control

*Edging                                                                              *Debris Removal                                                *Lawn Application

*String trimming                                                         *Brush Clearing/Removal                       *Reseeding

*Fall leaf clean up                                                      *Spring/Fall clean up

*Weeding                                                                  *Parking Lot Maintenance

*Air sweep                                                            *Irrigation maintenance

                                                                                    * Moss treatment


*Irrigation Maintenance and installation services performed by

Burch's Landscaping Service LCB# 6405                                               



Greenhammer Landscape Maintenance 3982 Barger Dr. Eugene,Oregon 97402 (541) 914-9075